About the eLearning Network

The eLearning Network (eLN) is a non-profit, Community Interest Company run by the elearning community for the learning community.

The eLN is the number one source for guidance on best practice and future trends in technology-based learning and development at work, with over 3000 members in the UK and beyond.

It has never been a better time to join the eLN.


Technology has never developed so quickly and with such far-reaching implications. You need information you can trust, practical advice and standards to aspire to. As a member of the eLN expect to be inspired:

  • The eLN plays a major part in judging the E-Learning Awards, run each year by e.learning age magazine, which provide a showcase for the very best elearning projects that the UK has to offer
  • Our one day conferences address the most critical issues faced by the elearning community and provide an opportunity to explore future trends


As elearning continues to grow, many more managers, L&D professionals and technical specialists assume responsibilities for elearning and want to get up and running as quickly as they can. The eLN is committed to providing the best support it can to all its members.

Our website provides a treasure chest of resources, including the latest news, practical tips, white papers, links and resources from previous events. On top of this. We also have a unique mentoring programme.


Many elearning professionals work alone or in small teams, without the peer support they require. The eLN is determined to really live up to its name by building the most vibrant community of practice in the industry:

  • Our face-to-face and online events clearly provide ideal opportunities for networking
  • On top of this, our website and LinkedIn group provide further facilities for collaboration using forums and other social networking facilities
  • To build the largest and most valuable community possible, we offer associate membership absolutely free. Associates are able to enjoy all the benefits of online networking, with the option to upgrade to full membership at any time.