Christie Fidura

Christie Fidura, European Marketing Manager, eLearning, Adobe

How did you get into a career in elearning?

Pure luck! I began my career in technical documentation, where I produced a few computer-based training pieces, when the content creation software was weighty both in usage and in price. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to quickly see the challenge in creating elearning content, as its tone needs to be encouraging, peppy and have a light touch, unlike technical documentation. 

Do you feel there are good opportunities for women working in elearning?

Absolutely! Women are natural communicators, a required skill in elearning. When you combine this with visual design skills, women are a perfect fit to develop engaging, interactive and enriching elearning content. 

How are you working to make elearning more effective?

To be effective, elearning must resonate powerfully with the user. In order to do this, interactivity is critical. I believe that elearning should not just be clicking on the 'Next' button, but really interacting with the user to get him or her engaged with what they’re learning. 

If you could give eLN members one elearning tip, what would it be?

Constantly seek to improve your skills. Utilise the fantastic resources provided by the eLearning Network to learn and to network among the group. 

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