Free elearning resources

In honour of our next event, which is all about developing elearning on a shoestring budget, we thought we'd pull together some free online resources. We canvassed the eLN board who all had a few useful tricks up their sleeves. Below is a collection of their 'go to' experts and sites where you can help yourselves to advice and resources for less. We hope it's helpful!

Online tips and blogs

Images and free tools


Discover more cost saving, budget busting tips at next month's event, 'Developing Elearning on a Shoestring'. We're being joined by experts such as Doug Belshaw from Mozilla and are excited to show you just what can be achieved on a small budget. Click here to view the full agenda.

We know this is only really a starter for ten, so if you have any resources you'd like to share with the eLN community just let us know via @elearningnetwk on Twitter or email and we'll pass them on!