Serious Elearning Manifesto

There has been a lot of social media activity in the last couple of months about the serious elearning manifesto. And we didn't want to miss out on adding our thoughts after some serious (see what we did there?) consideration.

Launched in the US by four well known names in the elearning industry, the serious elearning manifesto sets out a list of core principles to create better elearning.  

The eLearning Network has always shared this committment to creating effective elearning, and whilst we applaud such an endeavour, we think that this could go further.  For many of us in the UK, “elearning” now means a lot more than courseware. It’s actually any digitally led content. And we’re also keen to create learning that really helps performance. This was the essence of our campaign for effective elearning which we launched in 2012 and underpins the work we do as the judging partner of the annual Elearning Awards.

We believe there needs to be more communication to show rather than tell what good looks like. There is often a lot of preaching about elearning, but not always enough action and demonstration of best practice.

There has always been, and probably will always be good, bad and somewhere-in-the-middle elearning content.  To help raise the bar for the "not so good", the eLN remains an organisation which encourages sharing of this best practice,  through our mentoring scheme, our events, our awards involvement and our general community areas on LinkedIn and through Twitter.

To see the serious elearning manifesto for yourself, click here.