Empowering Your Digital Learning

Date: Friday 7th July 2017

Location: Manchester

Join the eLN in Manchester for a disruptive day of discussion about curation, consumer technology and the brain science of learning. The big question: how do we really learn new skills and solve problems in a digital world and what does that mean for learning technologies practitioners? There are five great sessions lined up:

  • Content Curation: Your New Learning Superpower with Ben Betts, CEO, HT2 Labs and editor, "Ready, Set, Curate!"
  • Turbo-Charging the Learning Experience with Stella Collins, Author, "Neuroscience in Learning and Development"
  • Learning in the Real World with Mark Berthelemy, CEO, Wyver Solutions
  • How to Make the Perfect Learning Recommendation with Chris Littlewood, Chief Scientific Officer, Filtered
  • Perfecting Your Blend with Lisa Minogue-White, Director, Willow DNA

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