Building a peak performing workforce and nurturing talent - our Christmas event!

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5 December 2013
The Oval

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In a tough economic climate how can Learning and Development departments maximise their value to the organisation? The answer: focus on improving employee performance and nurturing talent rather than the delivery of courses. It doesn’t matter what your people know, it’s what they can do that matters, and a focus on performance and solving organisational problems aligns L&D to the business.

Ahead of this interactive day you will have the opportunity to complete your own performance profile. At the event leading sports business coach and Olympian Jonathan Males will then help you to interpret your profile and gain an insight into how best you work. David Perring from industry analysts Elearnity will give a run-down of the top talent management and performance tools available in the market today and will also showcase Elearnity’s brand new 9-Grid market report on Talent Management.

You’ll also get to soak up the atmosphere at the Kia Oval, an historic sporting venue whilst enjoying stunning views over the grounds. In addition the eLN will be launching our new book ‘The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual’ published by Wiley in both hardback, Kindle and eBook versions. You’ll get an exclusive discount on the book and will have the opportunity to win a copy too.

The Kia Oval

The 1% Difference and the ART of Performance - Jonathan Males

Jonathan Males


To an Olympian, 4th place is perhaps the worst place to finish. Tantalisingly close to the podium, but no medal to show for it. And the difference between 4th place and the podium is often less than 1%. The same applies in business – a small change in the right area can produce breakthrough results. But how do you know where to find the right 1% difference? Jonathan explains how the answer lies in the ART of Performance; how you Act, Relate and Think.

To get the most from this session, go online and complete the ART of Performance diagnostic. This will show you how well you’re applying your capacities to Act, Relate and Think in a typical management setting. You’ll get your report in less than 5 minutes. Bring it along with you to this interactive session to learn more.

Understanding the Talent Management Market 2013 - A European Perspective - David Perring

David Perring


David Perring from industry analysts Elearnity will provide an unbiased perspective on the Talent Management market: exploring the key European corporate drivers; tracing the roots and growth of the different solution options; sharing independent insights into vendors' solutions and highlighting critical trends in Talent Management systems.

About David: David Perring is Director of Research, responsible for Elearnity's corporate and vendor research process, as well as lead analyst on variety of subjects.

David Perring has been involved in Learning Technologies for the last 12 years, formerly as Head of Learning Solutions and Technologies at Virgin Media and more recently at RSA Group. David has led these organisations global e-learning strategy and operations through the cycle of; business case, organisational design and implementation. He has a genuine fascination with how technologies can be judiciously used to maximise performance.


What’s stopping performance support? - Lars Hyland

Lars Hyland   In this session, Lars Hyland will identify the barriers that stand in the way of integrating performance support strategies with training delivery and how organisations can plan for integrated delivery of training and support. He’ll look at the issues faced when developing performance support, and how we need to think differently when putting support systems into practice.
About Lars: With over 20 years’ experience, Lars is a respected thought leader within the learning industry. As Head of Consulting Services, Lars provides strategic consultancy and solution design services for many of our key clients.

He has performed most tasks within the e-learning production lifecycle, and has held senior management and consulting roles on large strategic projects for a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Lars also brings a practical understanding of usability design, social media and mobile technologies to his consulting activities. He is an active speaker and commentator on how digital technology is transforming the way we learn both in education and within the workplace.


The elearning course is dead! Long live… what exactly? - Redmund Bath

David Perring   The 70/20/10 model of workplace learning has gained widespread acceptance and popularity, and today the term appears in presentations, sales pitches and at conferences throughout our industry. Performance support and social learning have become buzzwords. But while there is an ever increasing chorus of voices in support of this way of thinking, there are far fewer examples of projects that are truly innovative or fundamentally different from what has gone before. In this session, you will see some examples of what is possible when we break free from the shackles of the compliance training mind-set. Redmund will present three case studies of the performance support approach that has been broadly adopted and successful at BP. Redmund will also share a few examples of cutting edge interventions that are about to be launched. Rest assured there will be no LMSs or ‘click next to continue’ buttons in sight!
About Redmund: Redmund is a Learning and Performance Consultant at BP. With a background in educational psychology, he has a lifelong interest in how we learn. During his 10 years in the online learning industry, Redmund has gone from being part of the problem to part of the solution. A keen observer of how learning actually takes place in the ‘wild’ and how people choose to learn in their personal lives, Redmund is a reformed instructional designer turned digital anthropologist. While his goal is still to affect behaviour change, his recent work draws more from the study of consumer behaviour and digital marketing than from learning theory.
If in doubt - ask! Getting to the root of what's helping your organisation to perform and figuring out the part that you can play - Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor   As people who are focussed on improving performance within our workplaces we should be putting support and solutions in place based upon facts and data.
Unfortunately however, many organisations rely on 'gut feelings' or implement solutions based upon 'what everybody else is doing'. Whilst there is value in using external practices to benchmark yourself against, one crucial fact remains - these are not based on your organisation's problems, on your organisational environment, on your people. In this session we'lltake a look at how Craig got to the 'root of what people need' whilst employed as the Learning Technologies Manager for Bupa International.

About Craig: Craig Taylor has worked with an L&D environment for 20 years. Having honed his facilitation skills delivering face to face learning events within the British Army, Rail and Nuclear sectors and more recently within Financial Services, Craig now concentrates his efforts in raising the profile of current and emerging technologies and how they can be used to enhance and enrich the learners experience whilst adding demonstrable benefit to the business.

He is the owner of TayloringIt, a small startup consultancy specialising in helping individuals and organisations 'get to grips' with learning technologies and has recently worked with organisations to implement Enterprise collaborative platforms, mobile learning, spaced repetition and has led a move in moving compliance subjects from 'courses to campaigns'.


The ingredients of a great performance

Jonathan Males  

A truly great musical performance takes a lot of thought and preparation. Those that make it look the easiest are usually the best prepared, who have left nothing to chance. From selecting the songs (the project), interpreting and arranging them (the process), selecting the musicians (your team), rehearsing (practicing), maintaining the right attitude (mindset) and having the correct equipment (the tools) – there are many lessons from the world of musical performance equally applicable to the workplace.

In this session Sharliza will perform a number of the songs from her latest project whilst sharing her insights into great performance.


eLN book launch: The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual

eLN Book


We are delighted to officially launch the eLN's first book, the snappily titled "Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual". Edited by Rob Hubbard and with Chapters by Clive Shepherd, Laura Overton, Jane Bozarth, Lars Hyland, Julie Wedgwood, Rob Hubbard, Jane Hart, Colin Steed, Clark Quinn, Ben Betts and Charles Jennings. The book tackles 11 key areas of elearning and shares the hard-won wisdom, tips and best practices of these leading experts.

Further networking and a festive drink in the Fentiman Arms, 64 Fentiman Road, Oval, London, SW8 1LA
The Fentiman Arms   Following the event there will be the opportunity to continue discussions and networking in the nearby Fentiman Arms whilst enjoying a festive drink : ) Just a cricket ball's lob away from the Oval this will be the perfect way to round off a great day.
Even more to come - watch this space!