Design 2: Taking interaction further

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20 September 2013
De Vere West One

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Advanced interaction is more than bolting together a series of unrelated activities. The ultimate goal is to think holistically and create a seamless immersive experience for an entire course.

In this event, you will look at higher level interaction and explore social and game-based approaches and how e-learning designers can exploit them. The event includes examples of advanced tools for creating rich interaction.


Blooming marvellous – designing questions to work even harder for you

Session overview

Writing multiple choice questions is challenging enough. But do you know how to write questions to stimulate higher order thinking? This session will give you the skills to do just that.

About the speaker: Tony Frascina, Objective Training Design

Tony Frascina is a freelance learning designer with extensive experience in training, teaching and research. Originally from an educational background, he undertook research in human-computer interaction, presenting his work on user-centred design to a world-wide audience. As a learning designer, he works with organisations of all shapes and sizes. He also delivers master classes on learning design and is currently Chair of Judges of the E-Learning Awards.

Designing gaming style interactions - can adults learn from games?

Session overview

In this session we will investigate the use of games and gaming style interactions in e-learning, and also explore the difference between games and gamification. We will also reflect on two key questions:

- Can adults really learn from games?
- What is it about games that make them appropriate for learning?

About the speaker: John Curran, Designed for Learning

John is passionate about learning and exploring fresh approaches to learning. He focusses on e-learning and web based online learning environments and develops innovative online programmes for a wide variety of clients. With many years of experience helping corporate and public sector training departments move their learning online he now specialises in helping independent training companies develop their online learning offer.

Design for social interaction – is herding cats a useful pastime?

Session overview

Social interaction is increasingly being designed into elearning. But is social interaction designed in, or bolted on? In this session Jane will discuss some of the issues involved in requiring people to “be social” as well as demonstrate some of the ways that she has been designing for social interaction in the online workshops she has been running at the Social Learning Centre.

About the speaker: Jane Hart, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Jane Hart is an independent advisor, speaker and writer on workplace learning. She is the Founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies – - one of the largest independent sites about learning on the Web. Jane is also the 2013 recipient of the Colin Corder award for Outstanding Contribution to Learning, presented by the Learning & Performance Institute.

Advanced tools for interaction design

Session overview

This session will look at some advanced tools for designing elearning interactions. Tools will be demonstrated and then there will be the opportunity to get hands on practice.

About the speaker: Richard Hyde, Mind Click

Richard took on a PhD in Multimedia Technology in 1989, designing and evaluating molecular modeling tools for chemistry education. Finally escaping academia, he was then a consultant at Boots, designing and implementing their retail e-learning infrastructure. In 1998 Richard joined BYG Systems as a Senior Project Manager. In 2003 he helped form Atlantic Link, conceived the development of the Atlantic authoring suite to an international customer base before the sale of the company in 2010. Mind Click has allowed Richard to return to his creative passion - designing innovative learning solutions across multiple media and channels. Richard is on the board of the e-Learning Network and he works as a judge for eLearning Awards.

Teaching the offside rule – a practical session on designing advanced interaction

Session overview

This session will be a hands on exercise to define an advanced interaction using a specific tool, so be prepared to get stuck in and generate creative ideas.

Teams will work on an interaction in one of four paradigms:
- Tutorial
- Gaming
- Synchronous learning
- Social learning

A group discussion will follow discuss the outcomes for each of the group.

About the speaker: Alan Nelson, Nelson Croom