Truly effective elearning design

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10 October 2012
10.00 - 16.00

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Closely linked to our campaign for effective elearning, October’s conference will focus on best practice in designing elearning in its many forms. Whilst there is no single recipe for success, there are certain things we can all do to give our projects a better chance of achieving their aims. We will hear from award winners to find out what made their project exceptional and explore what can be learnt from them.

We've booked Fazeley Studios for this event, which is an exciting new venue.

Truly effective elearning design
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Speaker: Bill Miller, Wonderful Learning

Session: A Person-Centred Approach to eLearning

The opening session takes a sideways look at engaging and motivating learners based on the educational theory and practice of psychologist Carl Rogers, who emphasised the inclusion of feelings and emotions in learning. The session explores issues of freedom and control, the importance of the facilitator in creating the conditions for effective learning, the evidence from brain research and the implications for elearning.

About Bill

Bill is the driving spirit behind eLearning consultancy 'Wonderful Learning'. He has a substantial educational profile, having worked in Higher Education, Training and Development for 20 years and in 3 countries. He identifies himself as having a person-centred approach to learning – and, as well as building 'Wonderful Learning', is currently writing a doctoral thesis exploring the implications of this approach for the online world.

Twitter: @learnwonder

Speaker: Richard Hyde, Mind Click

Session: User experience design for better elearning

This session will take the discipline of user experience design (UxD), commonly used by web designers to design usable interfaces, and see how it can be applied to elearning design. Richard will show how UxD can and should be the overarching model for truly effective elearning.

About Richard

Richard escaped the clutches of research at Nottingham University to help form Atlantic Link and then Mind Click in 2010. The e-learning hats he has worn over 18 years include instructional designer, programmer, project manager, product developer, voiceover artist (a desperate measure) and now Mind Click Director.

Richard keeps a keen eye on learning technology but his passion is learning design – particularly the sometimes forgotten skill of creative writing. The e-learning he loves the most has elegant simplicity – in learning approach, creative design and technical production.  He also looks to add fun and humor where possible to negate the drab and boring brush e-learning can be tarred with.

Richard has worked with the likes of BT, Vodafone, Boots, Virgin Active and ASDA to help revitalize their elearning and help internal teams improve their own creative development skills.


Speaker: Laura Hooper, Unicorn Training

Session: Effective eLearning – a Case Study

In this practical session Laura’s theme will be how to design really effective e-learning when you have limited budget, limited timescales, technology constraints and unexciting subject matter. Using examples from recent live projects, including the award winning Gap Insurance project for Volkswagen, Laura will explain the design and development process, answer questions and show how underlying assets can be repurposed and reused.

About Laura

Laura Hooper has worked in eLearning for 11 years and is Unicorn Training's Learning Awards Instructional Designer of the Year. She provides the lowdown on how an award-winning project comes together: "It was quite a shock to be named Instructional Designer of the Year Award at the Learning and Performance Institute’s Learning Awards earlier this month. It was even more of a shock as I only ended up an Instructional Designer by accident on this particular project! I am primarily a content developer, but as was the case with the Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) project that this award recognised, I’m often involved in initial ideas and implementation. No one gets too precious about job titles at Unicorn Training, and if someone has an idea that is discussed and liked, normally one where everyone feels the user is going to enjoy the learning as much as possible, then that person will regularly see their idea implemented.


Speaker: Rob Hubbard, LearningAge Solutions

Session: Goal-based learning

In this session Rob will outline goal-based learning; the design methodology he uses with organisations large and small to improve their peoples’ performance. The methodology can be used to design workshops, online materials and blended learning. You’ll get the chance to apply the methodology to a project and come up with a goal-based design. Rob will also share a simple method of measuring performance improvement using tools that you probably already have.

About Rob

Rob is a designer through and through. He most enjoys designing learning and performance solutions, which might be an elearning strategy, a system, app, training programme or piece of content. He has recently been utterly consumed by designing goalgetter© his vision for workplace learning. He is a huge enthusiast of all that technology can offer to enhance learning and loves working with organisations to broaden their horizons on how technology can provide effective, engaging and measurable training for them.

Rob has been in the elearning industry for over twelve years and in 2005, founded LearningAge Solutions Ltd where he has a lot of fun mucking about with technology. He is also the Chair of the lovely eLearning Network, now serving his fourth year on the Board. He regularly speaks at national conferences, blogs and judges awards.

Twitter: @robhubbard


Speaker: Steve Burnard, Adobe

Session: Go Mobile

The up's and down's, the high's and low's of mobile content. Unfortunately there are multiple ways of creating mobile app's, not just for mLearning. And it can be a real techno' minefield to traverse! With any luck, I can try to help narrow down the right toolset for the right job, help define the technology roadmap you should consider!

About Steve

Steve is a Business Development Manager for Adobe Systems Europe Ltd. Steve is primarily responsible for creating and driving the technical sales and positioning of Adobe’s products for web, video and e-Learning products and solutions for the UK & Eire. Before joining Adobe, Steve has over 10 years experience in pre-press and digital video production. These have been for a wide variety of customers and industries in the UK and mainland Europe.


Speaker: Viv Cole, Viv Cole Associates

Session: Using audio in e-learning: personal preference or science?

When creating e-learning courseware, audio can be a key ingredient. But should it be the main flavour or a delicate spice? Too often audio gets sprinkled in liberally like salt just because that’s the way it was always done in your organisation. But what job is audio actually trying to do? What does best practice look like or indeed sound like? What science can tell us? A practical interactive session where we’ll debate the best ways to ensure effective interplay between audio and what’s on the screen, so that you get engaged learners creating business impact by taking their learning points forward.

About Viv

Viv is an experienced e-learning consultant and instructional designer with expertise in the professional services and financial sectors. He is passionate about creating effective learning experiences and using evidence to inform creative decisions. His background includes being a psychologist, chartered accountant, Training Manager at Deloitte, Finance Director and VP training & e-learning of a leading digital marketing training consultancy. Often mistaken for a woman owing to his name, Viv is proud to have once been ranked the 19th best female UK chess player in the UK and continues to be on the lookout for entertaining typos. Viv blogs at and tweets @viv_cole.