eLN Connect 2016

Learning in a Digital World

Location: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London

We are really excited to be able to announce that the annual eLN annual conference, newly named 'eLN CONNECT', is now confirmed for November the 10th 2016. We’ll be building on last year's successful conference at a new, larger, venue in central London, the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

Again following the three 'stream' format, the event will focus on:

  1. Design
  2. Tools & Technology
  3. and the important concept of 'Making a Difference'.

Across the day there will be sessions from thought leaders, members and experts sharing their experience. There will also be plenty of time for informal networking and, of course, opportunities to speak to leading learning industry organisations. We were really pleased by the feedback we received from last year’s event and, as always, we'll be making sure this eLN event provides a genuine opportunity to get into the detail with experts and has the same intimate feel that all of our events do.

“We’re really excited to be welcoming Pete and Guy to our conference this year. Both are real experts in their field and will explore some of the exciting new avenues digital learning is taking as we move beyond the conventional SCORM module buried deep in an LMS that focuses on management reporting at the expense of user experience. The future is definitely learner experience design and Pete and Guy will definitely paint a picture of what that looks like!” John Curran, Chair of the eLN

Price: £95+VAT for eLN Members (£125+VAT for Non-Members)

Location: 45 Prescot Street, London, E1 8GP

Date: Thursday 10th November 2016

Time: 10:00 - 17:00 (Registration opens at 09.15)

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Outline Programme for the Day

We start the day with two thought provoking keynote speakers before branching into three streams that cover the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of digital learning. You are free to choose which stream sessions you attend - and you can move from stream to stream during the day. The only limitation is the capacity of each space - when it's full it's full!

Keynote 1, The Gamification of Learning at Work, Pete Jenkins

Pete Jenkins is an international speaker, advisor and trainer in gamification and founder of GAMIFICATION+. He is Chair of GameFed (the International Gamification Confederation), entrepreneur in residence at the University of Brighton, and regular tops the “Gamificaiton Gurus Power 100” leaderboard.

Pete will be revealing how to apply gamification principles to the ‘70’ and ‘20’ in 70:20:10. With millions of people watching billions of hours of online multiplayer video games every month on YouTube, this presentation will show how gamification principles exemplified by eSports can drive amazing success in workplace learning. Delegates will learn why principles that work so well in the gaming world can work just as well for on-the-job processes and how gamification can drive the largest proponents in the 70:20:10 learning framework.

Keynote 2, Is it Harry or Hogwarts? How to really build learning engagement via Digital Storytelling, Guy Gadney

Guy Gadney is an expert in story-driven interactive entertainment and CEO of To Play For. He has over two decades of experience producing interactive publishing, TV and digital media programmes in the UK and Australia, including award-winning projects for the blockbusters Sherlock and Downton Abbey.

Guy’s keynote will examine how in today’s digital world of apps and social media, the story has moved from simple monologue to interactive dialogue. Stories are now conversations and this has huge implications for elearning: engagement can double when dialogue is used. Guy will explore how interactive technologies have changed the opportunities for building stories and captivating the interest of learners and will reveal, with reference to Harry Potter and Star Wars, the surprisingly powerful elements required to create engaging programmes.

WHY – Why is elearning the answer?

This stream explores how and why we need to make a difference with learning technology. With examples, theories, models, tips and shared peaks into how the experts make a difference to their businesses, learners and customers.

Topics in this track include:

  • "Crafting Award Winning Learning" Tony Frascina, eLN Director and Chair of Judges at the Learning Technologies Awards
  • "Making a difference to learners - 5 tips for creating a more learner-centric strategy" Laura Overton, Towards Maturity
  • "A New Approach to Learning Design: 3 is the magic number" Mike Byrne, Netex
  • "How to Make Better Video Drama for Learning (and avoid boredom by committee)" - Tom Hickmore, Nice Media
  • "Managing cognitive load: ensuring you pitch your learning at the right level." Lucy Hodge, Walkgrove
  • "Performance is more than support" Lisa Minogue-White, WillowDNA
WHAT – What approach do we take to design effective digital learning?

A hugely popular stream last year; if design is a key part of your role then this is the stream for you. We’ll cover everything from storyboarding to the neuroscience behind successful elearning design.

Speakers include:

  • "Video for Learning: Where To Find It; How To Use It" Sally Winter, VideoArts
  • "Learning in the Swipe Age" Chris Tedd, Unicorn
  • "The Hard Cell: Writing for Animation in Digital Learning" Elly Davies, Brightwave
  • “Getting from A to G: Learning design for effective Gamification” Megan McIlvenna, MindClick
  • “Competent compliance, a nudge in the right direction.” Owen Rose, Acteon
  • "Brain Friendly E-Learning: Lessons from cognitive science to improve your learning designs." John Curran, Designed for Learning and ELN Chair
HOW – Which tools can we use?

This hands-on stream explores the tools and technologies that make the execution of elearning possible. With demos and case study content, this is the place to be if you’re a developer or creating elearning in tools like Adapt, Elucidat, GoMo or Articulate Storyline.

Here's a list of speakers so far:

  • "Sharpest tool in the box: Choosing the best authoring tool for your learning strategy." Nick Eastham, Brightwave
  • "Will Flash ever die? Future proofing old content for a Flash-free world." Wesley Atkinson and Daryl Hedley (Appitierre) and Andy Moorman (Juvo Learning)
  • "Go further: latest trends in HTML5 authoring for maximised audience engagement." Mike Alcock, GoMo
  • "Using data to create meaningful learning experiences." Simon Greany, Elucidat

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