This workshop looks at some of the latest developments in eLearning from agile project development approaches to the use of responsive design in developing content for multiple devices. We also take a look at what blended learning means in 2015 and give you an opportunity to do some crystal ball gazing with an Open Space session exploring a range of possible directions that eLearning might take in 2016.
    • Agile development in eLearning
    • The new blended learning
    • Responsive design in eLearning
    • What's new in Learning Technologies
    • Open Space session

Price: Free to members (only £29 to sign up for membership)

Location: Bristol and Bath Science Park, Bristol

Date: Thursday 16th July 2015

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Agenda for the day

A quick introduction to the day
When you think about blended learning today, what come to mind? In this session, Lisa
Minogue-White looks at the big questions regarding blended learning in 2015, including how
do you know the blend is delivering? What skills do you need now to deliver a blend that’s fit
for purpose? What tools, techniques, methodologies and media now make for a successful
blend? Prior to the session, Lisa will facilitate a Twitter chat that will explore these questions
and act as the catalyst for this interactive discussion. (Look out for the hasttag #elnblend and
join in.)
Discover how you can create enjoyable, effective responsive e-learning that your learners
can access at a time and a place that suits them. In this session, Lindsey Coode will show
you how easy it is to get started creating your own content in the new Adapt builder.
Adapt has been described as “not just responding to the changing face of rapid e-learning
but shaping the change”.
This session will feature some examples of Adapt content to inspire you to, hopefully, get
some ideas for your own.
There are always a lot of ideas floating around the learning and development world. But
which ones are the butterflies that will set off tornadoes?

Mark Berthelemy looks at some of the new (and some not so new) technologies that are
poised to have significant impact across teaching, learning and performance improvement.

He’ll discuss the rationale for investing in them, and how to get the most out of that investment.

Ideas under discussion are likely to include:

  • H5P
  • biquitous video
  • Enterprise search
  • Content management
  • xAPI and analytics
  • Digital badges
  • Augmented & virtual reality
The learning and development world is buzzing with talk of the need to be agile. But this
current obsession has deeper roots than many realise. From its earliest conception as a
better way to deliver software through to its current status as the latest darling of business
management, Agile has always represented a radical break from traditional thinking.

In this session, Owen Ferugson will explore why Agile is so different from ‘business as usual’
and demonstrate how it delivers better solutions, under budget and ahead of schedule.
Through a mixture of presentation and participation, you will discover:

  • Why agile is more than just a vague aspiration
  • Lessons learned from applying agile in real life project
  • How Agile can be applied in a learning context
  • What steps you can take to apply Agile in their own workplace

This session includes a group activity.

The eLN Directors facilitate an open session on 'new trends'. Expect a fun, thought provoking and informative session!
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